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Cubase SX3— NO CRACK

I'm looking for DVD-image of original Cubase SX3 DVD or for installation files of SX3 (I mean "not cracked installation").
I have my own license of Cubase4 and I am allowed by Steinberg to use ANY of SX version under the licence ( but Steinberg doesn't give me a chance to download SX1-2-3 from www.steinberg.net).
What for: I got some problems with C4, and I just would like to test some features in SX3 before sending a letter to steinberg support.
If one could upload these files/DVD image, it would be very helpful for me.

Very the same on Russian:

Доброе время суток,
Ищу оригинальные установочные файлы или DVD-имидж файл от Cubase SX3 (не взломанные). У меня лицензия на Cubase4, и она позволяет пользоваться любой SX-версией с тем же USB-ключом (так что ничего нелегального я не спрашиваю).
Зачем понадобилось: есть некоторые мелкие проблемы с 4-й версией, и мне хотелось бы иметь возможность протестировать их с SX3 прежде, чем писать жалобы в Steinberg Support.
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Yes, I'm aware of that! :)

Cubase4 license supports SX1-SX2-SX3, Cubase4 Studio does not (I have both C4 and C4S).
My suggestion would be to send the support request first. Steinberg has been getting better at answering them in recent months. And I for one find asking for an "image" of the DVD sketchy at best, but good luck in your quest to get your problems fixed. Seriously, don't hesitate to contact Steinberg's customer support. It's what they get paid for.
Thank you for your answer, pandashake.

Steinberg's customer support is disgustful. They never answer. And a lot of bugs are even not considered as a bugs by SB. I use their unofficial forum (www.cubase.net) to find at least workaround with bugs that I have, and I can see that this forum is full of voices crying "Steiny, listen to us! We already have paid a lot for your software!" No answer (in most cases). Thanks to these expereinced customers that spent a lot of their time on the forum and help another customers to force C4 to work. But their advices are not always as helpful as one could hope.

My small (new) bug is that neither C4 nor C4 Studio recognize CD/DVD drive, so I can't import a CD-audio track. Yes, I can use MediaPlayer for it (works nice), but... But the joke is that SX3 recognizes CD-drive on the same machine! Before buying (recently) the second license, I used an illegal copy of SX3 on my "slave" PC, and was able to rip any CD track. And now I just want to taste it with "not cracked" SX3. If I find that this feature works in SX3, I would sent a letter to SB support to force them to concider it as a bug (only the way for a bug been fixed in future update).
Gotcha. Maybe they can grant you a downgrade version to SX3 like Windows did with Vista. :P I know you are across the world from Steinberg's support here in the US, but you might try calling (877) 253-3900 and see if you can get to customer support via that phone number. They might be able to help you better than the forum (which, I do believe is offical). Good luck.
Unfortunately, I do not speak English, so making a call to SB support is of no use for me. If I do, I would understand nothing.

Ohh! It is so easy to get cracked SX3 on the web (dozens of links), and it is so difficult to get uncracked one... :)